The Etruscans

The Etruscans were a charming and mysterious population even for ancient people.

Nowadays, we know that they were a mixture of Central Italians and people coming from Greece and Asia. And the myth of the Etruscan alphabet is totally groundless.

Travelling across this land means understanding ancient civilizations, their mutual relations and their influences which we can still perceive today.

The Etruscans built their villages on top of the hills, exactly as you can see them today. In the valley of the Elsa river there are many Etruscan sites.

Volterra is one of the most important, not just because of the Guarnacci Museum, but also because of its massive walls and big town gate named "La Porta dell'Arco"("The Arch Door").

Small bronze statuettes called "evening shadows" look like cypresses in the sunset, though at the Etruscan time cypresses did not exist in this area. Yet today they are one of the symbols of Tuscany.

Tombs dating back to three thousand years ago are Etruscan heritage the same as some foods and even some people's DNA, particularly in Murlo, a town south of Siena.

The local museum displays an ancient roof and decoration (an incredible "Texan hat" shape) as well as typical Tuscan tiles.