Colle Val d'Elsa

Historical notes

Through the Via Francigena, Tuscan merchants brought spices, fabrics and wonderful potteries from Africa, Middle East and Northern Europe for their tables and palaces.

Along the Francigena Route stood many inns for merchants, bankers and pilgrims.

In the mid-13 century, there were at least 34 guest houses and inns for travellers.

Thanks to these structures, a new culture of hospitality developed and spread.

Traditional old-time peasant recipes were enriched with new ingredients forming the basis of our modern recipes as well as spreading the use of new kitchen tools.

Another example of this Medieval world in its variety of city and country lifestyle can be found in the "Decamerone" by Giovanni Boccaccio.

If nowadays travelling means masses of people that rush about in search of the next place to visit, choosing to slow down and spend a few days in this land means taking a breath and facing the past.

The Valley of the Elsa river is rich with historical signs that we can still read...