San Galgano

In 1180 the noble knight Galgano Guidotti, born in Chiusdino, builted a chapel by Monte Siepi.

Its architectural structure is very particular and unique in Senese Romanesque buildings.

The plan is a perfect circle and the vault is an architectural jewel with concentsic fascias alternating terracotta and travertine stone.

In the centre there's the massive stone in which the legend says thet Galgano (later canonized) threaded his sward up to the hilt, kneeling down worshipping its Cross shape.

San Galgano,a Cistecian, lived here as hermit all his life long.

After his death, Cistercian monks from Casamari builted here an Oratory and later a monastery and the impressive Abbey, one of the most beautiful sample of Gothic architecture in Italy and one of the most charming in Tuscany.