Even the famous poet Dante described the town wall Monteriggioni so beautifully preserved.

It was builted between 1212 and 1219 as Siena's efford to control the Francigena Route passing just down the hill, nearby the Castle in Badia a Isola.

Monteriggioni was assaulted and besieged many times,always withstanding, until in 1554, Giovanni Zeti, chief of the town, surrendered to the Florentines to save himself and all the inhabitants, beside the town itself.

for as,on its round wall, Monteriggioni
is crowned with towers, so there towered here,
above the bank that runs around the pit,

with half their bulk, the terrifying giants,
who still-whenever Jove hurls bolt from heaven-
remember how his thunder shattered them.
Dante Alighieri - inferno canto XXXI°